Could The Earth Be One Big Giant Alien Hard Drive?

Our colleagues over at BLDG BLOG made an interesting implication when they contemplated the geological nature and functioning of a traditional hard drive, which stores information as “memory” by effectively magnetizing ferromagnetic material.
Magnetizing ferromagnetic material?
Uncanny - after all, the Earth is ensconced in a powerful electromagnetic field and is constituted to some degree by ferromagnetic material (in fact, the Earth’s core is made of iron).
And as the Earth spins, it’s powerful electromagnetic field leaves its mark on the planet’s ferromagnetic material. One of the results of all of this is the formation of crystals.
But what if the magnetic field could be manipulated to inscribe and encrypt the crystals thus mimicking the functioning of a traditional hard drive?
Stranger still: what if this process is already ongoing - and etched into the granite and bedrock of the Earth are the secrets of the universe?
Could someone please get Steve Wozniak on line 1?
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