One Small Step For Shifty, Super-Smart Robots, One Giant Leap For Shifty, Super-Smart Robot-Kind

NASA has announced staggering advancements in the development of their self-described “Robot-Nauts” - robots now capable of performing mission critical tasks as well as being designed to work along side actual astronaut crew members.
Apparently, none of the rocket-scientists at NASA ever took the time to watch 2001 A Space Odyssey, or they would know what happens when you send robots into space with humans.
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Paranormal Powerhouse Dreamworks Partners With The Museum Of SuperNatural History™

Dateline: Hollywood.
What can we say? We’re honored. We’re thrilled. We’re out of our freaking minds.
And take it from us: when we say working with the folks at Dreamworks promises to be an “out of body experience...”, trust us - we know what we are talking about.
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Scientist Theorize Wealthy Will Evolve Into Separate Species

At this year’s TED conference, Juan Enriquez - the CEO of the nefarious Sci-Fi-sounding futuristic technology company Biotechonomy - predicted “the ultimate reboot for the human species” as a result of the coming confluence of genetic engineering, tissue generation, and robotics.
In other words: a whole new offshoot of humans he christened with the mad scientist-esqe moniker “Homo Evolutis.”
Of course, the inevitable creation of a cybernetic organism - or “cyborg”- shouldn’t surprise anyone; the real question is how much would this sort of hi-tech, bio-engineering, nip-and-tuck cost? After all, way back in the 70’s the going rate for this sort of upgrade was already pegged at approximately $6,000,000.00.
And therein lies the tale.
According to a report in the UK’s Telegraph, American futurologist Paul Saffo ups the ante on Enriquez’s prediction, and suggests that the “super-rich” will be the first to take this pecuniary and evolutionary leap.
What this will mean for the growing gap between rich and poor, as well as how it may one day augment billionaire Donald Trump’s hair remains to be seen.
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Giant Jelly Fish Sinks Japanese Fishing Trawler

Earlier this summer, the MuSuNaHi posted a warning issued by no lesser authority than The National Geographic Institution that an attack on the island nation of Japan by a swarm - or “bloom” - of jellyfish was imminent.
For those who scoffed at the potential for these denizens of the deep to create havoc, they may want to compare notes with the crew of the Diasan Shinshu-maru - the 10 ton fishing boat that was capsized whilst attempting to haul in a net full of giant jellyfish.
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Futuristic Geeks Save The World From Destruction By Sabotaging The Large Hadron Collider

As if we haven’t been losing enough sleep worrying about civilization’s apparent imminent demise as a result of the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar on December 21st, 2012 - the looming potential for the world to be destroyed by a man-made black hole accidentally created by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has been inspiring its own amount of toss-and-turning.
Fortunately, those Chocolate-Chomping, Money-Laundering Gangster-Rapping Geeks in Switzerland haven’t been able to get the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator to work.
But now, no other source than The New York Times has unearthed a provocative theory set forth by physicists Holger Bech Nielsen and Masao Ninomiya that basically asserts that the LHC is being sabotaged by time travelers.
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Did Sasquatch Says “Cheese” On Suburban Surveillance Camera?

For years skeptics, know-it-alls, and paranormal party-poopers have dismissed the notion that aliens routinely visit the earth, cryptoids are continuously running amok, and Atlantis is in fact buried under the miles of ice covering Antarctica by rattling off the rhetorical question: “If all those things really exist, then where’s the evidence?”
Well apparently, in the age of Google Earth, Google Maps, and a plethora of consumer electronics that all come with a built-in camera, the answer is: “Right here, jackass...”
Case in point - a frustrated gardener who couldn’t figure out why his green beans weren’t growing the way he had hoped they would placed a surveillance camera in his backyard hoping to catch the varmint who was co-opting his crops.
Turns out the creature was no more rascally rabbit, it was Big Foot. Don’t believe us?
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Google Geeks Glimpse Nessie On Netbook

Earlier this year we had a beef with those brainiacs over at Google when they tried to dismiss the potential discovery of Atlantis via Google Earth with some pointy-headed Silicon Valley subterfuge.
But we’re willing to let bygone be bygones especially in light of the fact that The Loch Ness Monster may have just been spotted on Google Earth.
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Is Sasquatch-Spotting The New Whale-Watching?

With the summer heat having moved from “unbearable” to “reprehensible,” we here at the MuSuNaHi can’t wait to jet off to Scotland at the end of August and cool off in the shallow end of Loch Ness, with the intent of catching some rays, as well as a glimpse of that lake’s legendary local.
Of course, it was most likely Roger Patterson’s eponymous 1967 “Patterson Film” - the most famous piece of photographic evidence pointing to the existence of Big Foot - that popularized the idea of a packing up and heading off on a paranormal vacation with some friends.
So it comes as no surprise to us that Forbes Traveler’s Judy McGuire has churned out an admirable article titled “Where The Monsters Are” - that lists some of the world’s most popular hot spots one might consider for a cryptozoological encounter.
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Forget Lightning Bugs In A Bottle - The Hunt Is On For The Acid-Spitting Mongolian Death Worm

Imagine our excitement here at the Museum when this headline came across the telex: “Armed with explosives, two men are heading to Mongolia’s Gobi Dessert to find the fabled acid-spitting and lightning-throwing Mongolian death worm.”
This dessert-dwelling cryptid is described as being bright red, and approximately 2-5 feet long. It is reported to slay its victims by either spewing acid into their prey’s faces, or electrocuting them.
In 2005, Richard Freeman boldly led a four-man team from the Centre for Fortean Zoology to Mongolia in search of this mysterious and deadly beast. (This intriguing documentary about the expedition is more than worth a viewing).
While an actual “worm” would most likely not be able to survive in a dessert, theories abound that the Death Worm is most likely some sort of snake, or perhaps an amphisbaenidae.
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Cancel The Picnic - Worldwide Giant Ant Colony Discovered

A news report from the BBC asserts that a “a single ant mega-colony has colonized much of the world” putting a damper on global picnic plans.
The report goes on to state that the colony may be the largest of its type ever know amongst all insect species, and it may even “rival humans in its scale of world domination.”
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PS: For a short documentary on the seemingly humble ant (who is clearly conspiring to rule the world), watch “Ants: The Invisible Majority” narrated by Dr. Brian Fisher.