Scientist Theorize Wealthy Will Evolve Into Separate Species

At this year’s TED conference, Juan Enriquez - the CEO of the nefarious Sci-Fi-sounding futuristic technology company Biotechonomy - predicted “the ultimate reboot for the human species” as a result of the coming confluence of genetic engineering, tissue generation, and robotics.
In other words: a whole new offshoot of humans he christened with the mad scientist-esqe moniker “Homo Evolutis.”
Of course, the inevitable creation of a cybernetic organism - or “cyborg”- shouldn’t surprise anyone; the real question is how much would this sort of hi-tech, bio-engineering, nip-and-tuck cost? After all, way back in the 70’s the going rate for this sort of upgrade was already pegged at approximately $6,000,000.00.
And therein lies the tale.
According to a report in the UK’s Telegraph, American futurologist Paul Saffo ups the ante on Enriquez’s prediction, and suggests that the “super-rich” will be the first to take this pecuniary and evolutionary leap.
What this will mean for the growing gap between rich and poor, as well as how it may one day augment billionaire Donald Trump’s hair remains to be seen.
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Giant Jelly Fish Sinks Japanese Fishing Trawler

Earlier this summer, the MuSuNaHi posted a warning issued by no lesser authority than The National Geographic Institution that an attack on the island nation of Japan by a swarm - or “bloom” - of jellyfish was imminent.
For those who scoffed at the potential for these denizens of the deep to create havoc, they may want to compare notes with the crew of the Diasan Shinshu-maru - the 10 ton fishing boat that was capsized whilst attempting to haul in a net full of giant jellyfish.
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Futuristic Geeks Save The World From Destruction By Sabotaging The Large Hadron Collider

As if we haven’t been losing enough sleep worrying about civilization’s apparent imminent demise as a result of the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar on December 21st, 2012 - the looming potential for the world to be destroyed by a man-made black hole accidentally created by CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has been inspiring its own amount of toss-and-turning.
Fortunately, those Chocolate-Chomping, Money-Laundering Gangster-Rapping Geeks in Switzerland haven’t been able to get the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator to work.
But now, no other source than The New York Times has unearthed a provocative theory set forth by physicists Holger Bech Nielsen and Masao Ninomiya that basically asserts that the LHC is being sabotaged by time travelers.
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Did Sasquatch Says “Cheese” On Suburban Surveillance Camera?

For years skeptics, know-it-alls, and paranormal party-poopers have dismissed the notion that aliens routinely visit the earth, cryptoids are continuously running amok, and Atlantis is in fact buried under the miles of ice covering Antarctica by rattling off the rhetorical question: “If all those things really exist, then where’s the evidence?”
Well apparently, in the age of Google Earth, Google Maps, and a plethora of consumer electronics that all come with a built-in camera, the answer is: “Right here, jackass...”
Case in point - a frustrated gardener who couldn’t figure out why his green beans weren’t growing the way he had hoped they would placed a surveillance camera in his backyard hoping to catch the varmint who was co-opting his crops.
Turns out the creature was no more rascally rabbit, it was Big Foot. Don’t believe us?
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Google Geeks Glimpse Nessie On Netbook

Earlier this year we had a beef with those brainiacs over at Google when they tried to dismiss the potential discovery of Atlantis via Google Earth with some pointy-headed Silicon Valley subterfuge.
But we’re willing to let bygone be bygones especially in light of the fact that The Loch Ness Monster may have just been spotted on Google Earth.
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Is Sasquatch-Spotting The New Whale-Watching?

With the summer heat having moved from “unbearable” to “reprehensible,” we here at the MuSuNaHi can’t wait to jet off to Scotland at the end of August and cool off in the shallow end of Loch Ness, with the intent of catching some rays, as well as a glimpse of that lake’s legendary local.
Of course, it was most likely Roger Patterson’s eponymous 1967 “Patterson Film” - the most famous piece of photographic evidence pointing to the existence of Big Foot - that popularized the idea of a packing up and heading off on a paranormal vacation with some friends.
So it comes as no surprise to us that Forbes Traveler’s Judy McGuire has churned out an admirable article titled “Where The Monsters Are” - that lists some of the world’s most popular hot spots one might consider for a cryptozoological encounter.
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Forget Lightning Bugs In A Bottle - The Hunt Is On For The Acid-Spitting Mongolian Death Worm

Imagine our excitement here at the Museum when this headline came across the telex: “Armed with explosives, two men are heading to Mongolia’s Gobi Dessert to find the fabled acid-spitting and lightning-throwing Mongolian death worm.”
This dessert-dwelling cryptid is described as being bright red, and approximately 2-5 feet long. It is reported to slay its victims by either spewing acid into their prey’s faces, or electrocuting them.
In 2005, Richard Freeman boldly led a four-man team from the Centre for Fortean Zoology to Mongolia in search of this mysterious and deadly beast. (This intriguing documentary about the expedition is more than worth a viewing).
While an actual “worm” would most likely not be able to survive in a dessert, theories abound that the Death Worm is most likely some sort of snake, or perhaps an amphisbaenidae.
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Cancel The Picnic - Worldwide Giant Ant Colony Discovered

A news report from the BBC asserts that a “a single ant mega-colony has colonized much of the world” putting a damper on global picnic plans.
The report goes on to state that the colony may be the largest of its type ever know amongst all insect species, and it may even “rival humans in its scale of world domination.”
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PS: For a short documentary on the seemingly humble ant (who is clearly conspiring to rule the world), watch “Ants: The Invisible Majority” narrated by Dr. Brian Fisher.


Giant Reptile, Giant Moth, Giant Robot - Is Giant Jellyfish Invasion A Surprise To Anyone In Tokyo?

Dateline Tokyo: National Geographic’s Julian Ryall is reporting that “Giant Jellyfish seem poised to invade Japan, and experts are warning fishers to brace themselves for an inundation that could wreak havoc on their industry.”
Of course, seeing as how Tokyo has in the past been a magnet for Giant Reptile attacks, Giant Moth (summoned by a pair of minute Japanese pop-stars) Attacks, and Giant Robot attacks, one wonders if anyone on the island nation is surprised by the fact that a “Giant Something-Or-Other” is pondering an impending invasion?
As a precaution, citizens of Japan are being encouraged to avoid the nation’s thousands of miles of coastline - similarly, the staff here at the Museum are planning an to order in sushi, before the impact on the fishing industry is felt.
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“Man (Maybe) Walks On Moon” - One Giant Hoax By Man, Or One Massive Conspiracy By Mankind?

July 20th, 1969 marks the 40th anniversary of NASA’s successful attempt at putting a man on the moon.
Or, some would claim, it marks the 40th anniversary of NASA’s successful attempt at faking putting a man on the moon.
According to a 1999 Gallup Poll survey, approximately 6% of US Citizens believe the Apollo Mission was a hoax and another 5% had “no opinion.” The credit - or blame - for this conspiracy theory can most likely be attributed to Bill Kaysing and his 1974 self-published book titled: “We Never Went To The Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle.”
Interestingly enough, Kaysing was no run-of-the-mill crackpot, he worked for Rocketdyne (a division of North American Aviation, and later of Rockwell International) where the Saturn V rocket engines were built.
Additionally, Warner Bros.’ 1978 thriller Capricorn One - about a faked mission to Mars, is also cited as a major catalyst for increasing global suspicion about the veracity of NASA’s lunar accomplishments, and to this day, the “fact” that the US faked landing a man on the moon is taught in Cuban schools.
And as recently as 2001, Fox TV aired a “fair and balanced” piece of broadcast journalism titled: “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?” that investigated the possibility that the Apollo mission was indeed a hoax.
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Retired NASA Astronauts Give Props To Retired NASA Chimps

Here at the Museum of SuperNatural History, we’ve always wondered what became of all of those chimpanzees that NASA blasted off into space.
Well, the official response word is that apparently, just like everyone else, they’ve retried to Florida. Astronauts Scott Carpenter and Robert Crippen, two heroes of the U.S. space program, paid a visit to a retirement home in Florida for “The Space Chimps” - veteran chimpanzees who had participated in early test flights by NASA and the U.S. military.
“We’re paying them back for their service,” said Carpenter, one of NASA’s original Mercury Seven astronauts and the second American to orbit the Earth. He toured the sanctuary with Crippen, who piloted Columbia on the first space shuttle flight in 1981.
The chimps were invaluable in helping NASA scientists suss out what dangers the astronauts might face once they were in orbit. The first chimp, named Ham, blasted off for outer-space on January 31st, 1961.
Sadly, most chimps lived in laboratory cages until they came to the sanctuary. Now they live in family groups of about 25 to each island, where they roam in enclosures. Several unoccupied islands sit ready for the arrival of another 150 former research chimps that will eventually retire here.
Interestingly, primates have always played a role in some of the most famous Sci-Fi films of all time, from “2001 A Space Odyssey” to “Planet of The Apes.”
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Classified Outrageous Military Experiments Are Stranger Than Fiction

The interns here at the MuSuNaHi are all thoroughly distracted, what with the opening of the film “Wolverine” - which ushers in the beginning of the so-called “Summer Block-Buster Movie Season.”
HR was quick to point out to these temporary twerps that if they were impressed by a fictitious Black-Ops division of the military lacing a make-believe mutant’s body with a nigh-indestructible comic book-concocted metal dubbed “Adamantium,” they might be interested to learn of the real highly-classified experimental hi-jinx the real military has come up with over the years.
Fortunately, the charming folks over at livescience.com have aggregated the list of “The 10 Most Outrageous Military Experiments Of All Time.”
Some of the paramilitary pageant contestants consist of having “...shot accident victims up with plutonium, tested nerve gas on sailors, and tried out ESP.”
The report goes on to remark: “While some of the tests seem outlandish in hindsight, the military continues to push the envelope in seeking new warfare techniques based on cutting-edge science and technology.”
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Man’s Best Friend Just Got Better; And By “Better” We Mean Glow-In-The-Dark

This just in from South Korea: South Korean scientists say they have engineered four beagles that glow red using cloning techniques that could help develop cures for human diseases.
The four dogs, all named “Ruppy” — a combination of the words “ruby” and “puppy” — look like typical beagles by daylight.
We’re dispatching a team to fly out to South Korea to attempt to determine how glowing red dogs could help cure diseases.
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Japanese Scientists Announce Breakthrough; Killer Robots To Become Eco-Friendly

It’s reports like this that make The Museum of SuperNatural History’ motto - “We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know” - really hit home.
Japanese Scientists, already notorious for creating a “Living Doll Made Out Of Cancer Cells,” have now unveiled a chemical gel that can walk like an inchworm.
According to the report: “the colour-changing, motile gel by combining polymers that change in size depending on their chemical environment. This is based on an oscillating chemical reaction called the Belousov–Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction. The result is an autonomous material that moves without electronic stimulation.”
Unfortunately this seemingly green innovation is mitigated by the inevitable robot-army rebellion predicted by military expert.
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If Asteroids Didn’t Kill The Dinosaurs, What Did?

The suddenness with which so many species of dinosaurs vanished 65-million-years ago has always suggested a single cataclysmic event, and when a 112-mi., 65-million-year-old crater off the Yucatán peninsula was discovered in 1978 near the town of Chicxulub, it seemed obvious that the smoking gun was a 7-mile wide asteroid larger than Mt. Everest.
But new study in the Journal of the Geological Society suggests that this may not have been the case. The authors argue that the asteroid impact and the dinosaur extinction may have actually occurred 300,000 years apart.
So what did kill off the dinosaurs? And did any survive? And what the heck is swimming around Loch Ness?
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Google To Put A Garden On The Moon By 2012; So How Come Gmail Is Still In Beta?

As part of the Google X Prize, Paragon Space Development is collaborating with Odyssey Moon to develop a mini greenhouse designed specifically to function on the surface of the moon, grow a plant from a seed, and hopefully see it flower and seed itself.
While this would be considered a milestone, the timing is a bit ironic - if not cataclysmic - as many see the year 2012 as the potential end of life on earth.
On a more positive note, this achievement might mitigate some of Google and NASA’s previous mash-ups, so we wish them well with this endeavor.
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Vatican Insider Leaks Information About Extraterrestrial Presence

In May of 2008, in the interview with the L’Osservatore Romano - the semi-official newspaper of the Holy See, Vatican Astronomer Reverend Jose Gabriel Funes was quoted as saying he doesn’t rule out the possibility that life could have developed on other planets.
At the time, this seemed like a fairly startling statement - in effect, what the Reverend was saying was the equivalent of “...and on the 8th day, God created ET.”
But now, the the ante has been raised high into the atmosphere by an even more shocking story from The Canadian National Newspaper.
The article revolves around Italian journalist Luca Scantamburlo, who has written extensively about an interview conducted between Cristoforo Barbato and an unnamed Vatican Jesuit priest who has confidentially disclosed inside information about a clandestine meeting in 1954 at California’s Muroc Air Force Base (now known as Edwards AFB) involving President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Los Angeles Bishop James Francis McIntyre and an extraterrestrial delegation.
The report goes on to state that “As a result of this meeting the Vatican established and maintains to this day a secret organization - the S.I.V. - that studies and catalogues information relating to ET contact.” In addition, Scantamburlo goes on to claim that a Catholic Bishop was threatened by an American Secret Service agent to maintain silence about this event and more.
Of course, it has always been theorized that there are multiple references to alien life forms and UFOs in The Bible, and Ezekiel 1 is often thought to be the description of the old testament prophet being abducted by aliens. Likewise, the Book of Enoch is riddled with... well, riddles. As such it was excluded from The Bible - shrouded in the same veil of mystery as the Vatican itself.
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With Apologies To TS Elliot, Apparently THIS Is How The World Ends

“Are we ready for a Solar Hurricane Katrina?” That was the ominous question posed by an ABC News Report that examines the potential catastrophic results of increased solar storms and the subsequent solar flares, that are soon to begin raging on the surface of the Sun.
Oh, and apparently, the answer is: “No... we are so not ready.”
According to a recent NASA report, the worst case scenario “...would likely include, for example, disruption of the transportation, communication, banking, and finance systems, and government services; the breakdown of the distribution of potable water owing to pump failure; and the loss of perishable foods and medications because of lack of refrigeration.”
NASA’ report went on to pessimistically peg the cost of this cosmic calamity at several trillion dollars.
The first observed solar storm took place in 1859 and is known as The Carrington Event, named after British Solar Astrologist Richard Carrington, who personally observed the phenomena.
It has been theorized that the next round of solar flares may be exacerbated by, or even the direct result of the fated planetary alignment due to take place on December 21, 2012 - an event ominously predicted with uncanny accuracy by the Mayan Calendar.
In this scenario, giant solar flares will strike the earth and disrupt our planet’s electromagnetic field to such an extent that the earth will experience an actual pole shift resulting in unimaginable and unprecedented global devastation.
Fortunately, there are some giant brains at NASA attempting to come up with a civilization-saving Plan B.
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Danger Will Robinson! Robots Narrow The Gap With Humans

Here at the MuSuNaHi, we’ve been following the rapid and somewhat disconcerting advances in robotics for some time.
From Google and NASA’s collaboration on “machines smarter than man”, to news from the 2008 TED conference that the creation of cyborgs is imminent, as well as the US Army’s pack of high-tech robot dogs and of course, the inevitable robot rebellion which will no doubtably be the result of the Pentagon’s Small Business Innovation Research program’s call for contractors to design a pack of mobile, agile, and hostile robots whose main function is to hunt down “noncooperative human subjects,” we certainly have cause to sleep with one bionic-eye open.
But now, word out of Washington is that the gap between humans and robots is rapidly closing.
Due to the exponential increase in computer power - which doubles every two years - robots are becoming more human-like every day. Justin Rattner, Intel’s chief technology officer went so far as to predict that “machines could even overtake humans in their ability to reason in the not-too-distant future.”
Likewise, inventor and technology evangelist Ray Kurzweil provocatively asserts that robots will soon be able to pass the “Turing Test” - a test devised by the famed British father of artificial intelligence, Robert Turing - meant to determine whether or not a robot could successfully pass for a human.
The point at which robots and humans “merge” and become one is often and eerily referred to as “The Singularity.”
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Astronaut Claims: Man Not Alone In The Universe; Uhm Houston, We Have A Problem

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a member of the 1971 Apollo 14 mission, went on record at the conclusion of the X-Conference - a meeting of UFO activists and enthusiasts - held at the National Press Club in Washington, and stated unequivocally that extra-terrestrials exist and have visited our planet.
Interestingly enough, Mitchell grew up in Roswell, New Mexico, the site of an infamous UFO crash that took place in 1947. The good Doctor asserts that residents of Roswell “had been hushed and and told not to talk about their experience by military authorities.” Mitchell’s account sounds eerily similar to the habits of the notorious Men In Black.
Mitchell was even recently interviewed by Larry King - famed TV host often suspected of being some sort of alien life form himself.
Naturally, despite Mitchell’s having been to space and having walked on the moon, NASA spokesman Michael Cabbage dismissed the astronaut’s claims stating “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere else - period.”
Cover-up? Who said anything about a cover-up?
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Prehistoric Beast Appears On Good Morning America - No, Not Charlie Gibson

Here at the Museum of SuperNatural History, we’re always pleased to see when monsters and mythic beasts cross-over into the main stream media and get treated with the respect and reverence befitting these cryptozoological wonders.
So one can only imagine the hullabaloo that erupted this morning in the Museum’s cafeteria when Good Morning America began broadcasting a feature on the Loch Ness Monster titled: “Loch Ness Obsession Lives On.”
(Note to interns: please rush a MuSuNaHi Tote Bag over to the segment producer at GMA.)
Suffice it to say, all eyes were affixed to the Philco as an adeptly produced and scholarly toned piece on The Loch Ness Monster gloriously unfolded on the telly. (Although - in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due - this isn’t the first time Good Morning America turned their lenses on a mysterious creature.)
The sea-monster worthy story was replete with an appearance by the well-respected MIT professor Robert Rines, who first encountered ’Nessie during a Scottish Tea Party back in 1972. Rines has doggedly returned to the scene of the sighting every year for the last 37 years, intent on capturing physical and/or photographic evidence Loch’s legendary denizen.
Rines is convinced that whatever is in the Loch “...is probably a progenitor of something that should have been dead 65 million years ago.” For those who would pooh-pooh the professors prehistoric premise, we would just like to remind them of the Coelacanth - dubbed “the living fossil” - this extraordinary creature was believed to have gone extinct at the time of the dinosaur, until a living specimen was inexplicably rediscovered in 1938.
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Popular Snuggie Mutant-Robe Upstaged By Screaming Demon-Baby Blankie

Here at the MuSuNaHi it’s something of an understatement to say “we’ve seen it all...”
Ancient sacred sites, mysterious islands, creepy currency, and cryptids of all shapes and sizes.
And yet we were still profoundly taken aback by the global phenomenon that is the Snuggie - a bizarre, hybrid blanket-with-sleeves domestic-tarp, not to be confused of course, with the Slanket.
In the last few months, this Druid-esque contraption has - with an almost insidious ease and viral momentum - captured the congested hearts and apparently-brain-washed-minds of millions of now cozy, cloaked, confused citizens.
So as not to be outdone, the Museum’s R&D department has quickly and ingeniously churned out the MuSuNaHi Screaming-Demon Baby Blankie.
Designed for the doting parent who knows that their bouncing bundle of kinetic energy is capable of hurling a litany of Latin expletives while simultaneously projectile barfing, this 100% cotton blanket is perfect for swaddling even the most discerning-demon seed - and letting everyone know exactly what they’re dealing with.
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Bad News From Norway For Loch Ness Monster Doubters Who Say “No Way”

Our peak-caps are off to our colleagues at the Natural History Museum of Oslo University who have discovered a giant fossil of a pre-historic sea monster dubbed “Predator X.”
According to Joern Hurum, the museum’s associate professor of vertebrate paleontology, the creature’s bite was “...much more powerful than a T-Rex. With a skull that’s more than 10 feet long you’d expect a bite to be powerful, but this is off the scale.”
The general consensus is that the briney beast’s bite could easily crush a Hummer.
Predator X falls into the category of pliosaur, and at an estimated length of 50 feet long, it is easily the largest variety of pliosaur to date. It’s long been theorized that one of the greatest cryptozoological beasts - The Loch Ness Monster - is indeed, a pliosaur.
While know-it-alls and pointy-heads are quick to dismiss the possibility that such a creature still exists and inhabits Loch Ness, countless eyewitness sightings and filmed and video taped evidence continues to surface (no pun intended) regularly.
More significantly, regardless of where you might fall on the pro-or-con Loch Ness Monster scale, the discovery of this fossil continues to argue the case that the vast mysteries of this world remain to be revealed. Maybe nothing illustrates this point as much as this compilation of the strange and previously unknown specimens of living sea life which were washed ashore as a result of the cataclysmic tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake of 2004.
Interesting side note, although not normally considered a hot-bed for paranormal activity, Scandinavia recently made SuperNatural news with the riveting reports of a profoundly anit-social primate named Santino who was taking up arms against the zoo’s keepers and guests.
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Dinosaur Depiction Discovered On Dilapidated Cambodian Temple

The Ta Prohm Temple was completed in 1186, and stands in the middle of the remote jungles of Angkor, Cambodia by the Khmer civilization.
A recent expedition to the site revealed a startling discovery: carved into the walls of the temple appears to be the image of a Stegosaurus.
Naturally, the traditional scientific community has already begun to volley rationalizations and excuses for how the depiction of a living, breathing, previously-believed-to-be-extinct-for-more-than-155-million-years dinosaur wound up on the wall of a relatively modern structure.
But we contend that this recent discovery at Ta Prohm is just one more substantial example of art and literature that has often - directly and indirectly - alluded to humans and dinosaurs co-existing in the same eras. Some of the more famous are the Palestrina Mosaic, and the Anasazi Petroglyphs.
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Chimpanzees Capable Of Premeditation; Uhm... Anyone Else See Where This Is Headed?

Every morning, Santino, an apparently aptly-named 31-year old chimpanzee, methodically collects rocks and literally stock-piles them in anticipation of visitors arriving at the Stockholm zoo. And when said visitors do arrive, Santino begins angrily hurling the stones at the unsuspecting gawkers.
This seemingly unprecedented complex anti-social behavior confirmed researchers suspicions that - just like humans - apes are capable of preparing for future.
A future that - if the chimps get their way - will probably look a lot like this.
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Money Doesn’t Just Talk, It Apparently Speaks Latin And Is Conspiring To Rule The World

For those of you who might assume that by virtue of the fact that it’s referred to as “The Federal Reserve,” The Federal Reserve might actually be a part of and beholden to The United States Government, we’d just like to point out that Federal Express happens to be run out of Memphis, not the Pentagon, and that The International House of Pancakes wasn’t granted a charter from The League of Nations.
So what exactly is The Federal Reserve?
We’ve been looking into that mystery for years.
Specifically, all the way back to 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act created the Federal Reserve Bank, and consequently, created a legal corporate entity empowered to do technically-illegal things.
For instance?
Well, whereas the United States Constitution plainly states - in Article 1, Section 8 - that Congress shall have the sole power to coin money and regulate the value thereof, the Federal Reserve Act delegated that enormous, fate-of-the-free-world responsibility to a privately owned corporation whose own self-serving interest is effectively the printing and loaning of debt-based, fiat money backed not by gold or some other commodity, but merely by the creepy-charm of The Conspirators who had secretly gathered at the famously exclusive Jekyll Island Club, located on a private island off the coast of Georgia, to conceive and create said-nefarious corporate entity.
Incidentally, have you ever taken a good look at the money these guys print? It’s filled with phrases and symbols that conjure up a vast, devious “New World Order” type conspiracy.
Seriously, that’s what it says right on the one-dollar bill: “Novus Ordo Seclorum” - which translates, literally into “New World Order.”
Oh sure, it sounds all crazy and conspiratorial, that is; until someone like the Vice-Chairman of The Federal Reserve is summoned before Congress in the late winter of 2009, and his response to the question: “What are you doing with the $150 Billion Dollars of US Taxpayer money we’ve given you to bailout troubled insurer AIG?” is basically met with the response: “Who wants to know?”
Pretty bold.
But then, the theories have always persisted that The Federal Reserve was conceived and backed not merely just by a rogue’s gallery of the world’s most powerful handle bar-mustachioed ne’er-do-wells, but by the most dreaded-and-feared secret society of all: The Illuminati.
And those guys are historically famous for not fooling around.
“But how can a privately-owned corporation possibly control the currency of the world’s largest democracy and most powerful nation...” you ask?
Interestingly enough, that question was raised by Congressman Louis T. McFadden, who - in 1933 - brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of The Federal Reserve. His colleagues in Congress referred his motion to the Judiciary Committee, which more than 70 years later, has yet to begin a formal inquiry. This dilly-dallying would have no doubt frustrated McFadden, had he not died of poisoning two years later.
It took exactly 60 years for none other than President John F. Kennedy himself to address the issue. Kennedy, who was outspoken against secret societies, proceeded to sign into law on June 4th, 1963 Executive Order 11101 - which sought to strip the Federal Reserve of its power to loan money to the US Government at interest.
Unfortunately, we all know how that turned out.
Incidentally, with tax season upon us, it is not irrelevant to point out that when filing one’s federal taxes on April 15th, it is customary that the check be made out to not to The United States Government, but to The US Treasury, which then forks it over to The Federal Reserve.
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NASA Launches Kepler, Abrams Relaunches Enterprise; Coincidence? We Don’t Think So

The edict is simple: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.
And while that is coincidentally the elevator pitch for J.J. Abram’s soon-to-be released Star Trek summer movie franchise, it’s also the modus operandi of NASA’s new Kepler Space Telescope.
(By the way, here at the MuSuNaHi, we still get chills when we hear the voice of Bill Shatner speaking over the opening chords of the theme music of the original Star Trek series.)
Named after 17th century German astronomer, astrologer and mathematician Johannes Kepler, who is best known for his eponymous laws of planetary motion, (although we’re fans of his first and more ominously titled work “Mysterium Cosmographicum”) the Kepler spacecraft is set to orbit the Sun in search of Earth-like planets.
Interestingly enough, while the last few weeks has brought a torrent of articles conjecturing the probable existence of literally billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone, the actual existence of a planet outside of our own solar system wasn’t confirmed until 1995.
Now, with the possibility of some sort of world-ending calamity taking place on-or-around December 21st, 2012, and the fact that just last week, another Tunguska-sized asteroid buzzed the Earth, locating an inhabitable planet we can relocate to might turn out to be less a scientific luxury, and more a civilization-preserving necessity.
In the meantime, we can’t wait to “boldly go” see Abrams ’ refurbished Enterprise.
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When It Comes To Mysterious Islands, That B-List Atoll On LOST Can’t Hold A Candle To This Place

Easter Island, one of the most spectacular SuperNatural Sites in the world, was discovered (or more accurately, first encountered) by the Dutch Explorer Jacob Roggeveen on Easter Sunday, 1722.
The most isolated, inhabited island in the world, Easter Island is best known for its monumental statues called Moai - created by the Rapanui people - which have captured the imagination of archaeologists, explorers, and laymen alike.
And so, with the Easter holiday season rapidly approaching, and our own imaginations preoccupied with visions of spring-break frivolity, we thought the timing perfect to share this spectacular Panoramic photography of Easter Island that was recently acquired by the MuSuNaHi.
This comprehensive camera-work provides a profound perspective on the Moai; the strange, ever-staring statues that stand with their backs to the ocean, gazing inland over their island home.
The tallest Moai, knows as Paro, stood 10 meters (33ft) and weighed 75 tons; the heaviest was a much squatter specimen that tips the scales at a staggering 86 tons.
Of course, the most ambitious Moai is an unfinished statue that, when completed, would have stood 21 meters (69ft) and weighed an almost inconceivable 270 tons.
That’s well over half of a million pounds.
How these mesmerizing monoliths were built, moved, and erected remain one of the many mysteries that continue to keep the staff here at the MuSuNaHi up nights.
It’s a conundrum almost as mind-boggling as why the ensemble cast of LOST continues to trust Benjamin Linus.
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Yet Even More Yeti Evidence; Expert Enquires: Who Fakes Footprints At 19,000 Feet?

Respected and revered wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough - who happens to be an actual Knight - went on record stating that he is still “baffled by the Abominable Snowman,” and emphasized that “very convincing footprints have been found at 19,000 feet.”
Just to put it into perspective, 19,000 feet is roughly the altitude which mountaineers refer ominously and appropriately to as “The Death Zone” - since the amount of oxygen in the air can no longer sustain human life.
Attenborough’s implication is that it is highly unlikely that anyone would have the means or the wherewithal to attempt to perpetrate a hoax at such dizzying Himalayan-heights.
In addition to all of the compelling footprints that have been filmed and photographed over the years is another profound piece of evidence - hair samples discovered in the summer of 2008 near the Indian-Bangladeshi border.
To date, tests performed on the thick, wiry hairs have determined that they do not belong to any of the indigenous creatures known to inhabit these cryptozoological climes.
Fun facts: the term “Yeti” is derived from the Tibetan language and means “rock bear.” While the first authoritative description of the creature was made in 1889 by the British explorer Major L A Waddel, it wasn’t until 1921 - during a Royal Geographical Society Everest expedition that found footprints made by “a wild man of the snows” at 21,000 feet - that the term “Abominable Snowman” was dubbed.
Likewise, over the years, a variety of luminaries have also argued for the existence of the Abominable Snowman. Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Everest, led an expedition to find the Yeti in 1962, and famed Hollywood-everyman Jimmy Stewart has long been rumored to have smuggled remains of the creature out of India in what has become known as the Pangboche Yeti hand incident of 1959.
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“Jurassic Park” Doc To Hatch T-Rex From Chickens; McNugget Fans Wait In Anticipation

Legendary fossil-hunter and autodidact Dinosaur expert Jack Horner - who served as the inspiration for Dr. Alan Grant, the lead character in “Jurassic Park” - has cooked up a finger-lickin’-good idea for bringing back the late, great Tyrannosaurus Rex.
In an interview he’s given with the chaps over at Wired Magazine, Horner suggests the seemingly-inconceivable can be accomplished by “flipping the right genetic switches in a chicken embryo...”
In Horner‘s just published provocative new book entitled: “How To Build A Dinosaur - Extinction Doesn’t Have To Be Forever,” the good-honorary doctor details his what-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-T-Rex theory; apparently - as he sees it - since birds are the descendants of dinosaurs, if one can tap into the developing embryos at the just right time, and tweak just the right genes, the result would be a sort of “dinochicken”.
His quotes, not ours.
Interestingly enough, when pressed by Wired as to whether or not there could be any sort of don’t-try-this-at-home caveats to this scheme, Horner optimistically wagered against the chances of our civilization being overrun by the aforementioned dreaded dinochickens.
On the contrary, in citing some of the benefits that might arise from his genetic tinkering, the ever-positive paleontologist posited that at the least, we were almost guaranteed “plumper chickens” - not to split hairs, but that scientific milestone has already been conquered by the late Frank Perdue.
Sidebar: not only was Perdue world-renowned for his advances in chicken eugenics, it was rumored that he himself may have been some sort of bizarre half-man, half-chicken hybrid.
Far-fetched, you say?
No lesser authority than the New York Times itself once suggested that the self-styled Picasso of Poultry did in deed, look uncannily like the very fowl he benefitted so financially, from.
In any event, Horner - always the maverick - comes across as quite undeterred by any criticism that his plans might be a bit half-shake-and-baked, arguing that “Scientists who play by someone else’s rules don’t stand much chance of making discoveries...”
Well put, old friend, well put.
After all, it was just that sort of iconoclastic thinking that allowed McDonald’s to perfect the then unimaginable McDLT-technology*; the unprecedented breakthrough in polystyrene-engineering that allowed the fast-food innovator to “keep the hot-side hot, and the cool-side, cool...” an achievement that, up until that point in time, was considered a theoretical impossibility on the scale of perpetual motion and absolute zero.
Who says there are no heroes left?
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*Yes... as a matter of fact, that IS Jason Alexander; apparently fulfilling his end of the Faustian-bargain which will later land him his role on Seinfeld.


Do SuperHeroes Walk Amongst Us? If “Glow-In-The-Dark Eyes” Count As A SuperPower They Do

Previously here at the Museum, we’ve explored the theories that Homo Sapiens are continuing to evolve at a surprisingly rapid rate, and that human beings may actually - as the result of rapid advances in technology and medicine - metamorphosize in the very near future into a half-man, half-machine species called: Homo Evolutis.
But while a wholesale paradigm shift hasn’t occurred just yet, we have been monitoring the appearance of extraordinary traits, or perhaps more accurately - SuperHuman powers - being exhibited by various individuals around the world.
For instance, in China, a young man named Nong Youhui has stunned medical professionals with his ability to see in pitch blackness with eyes that glow in the dark. Unquestionably qualifying in our estimation as a SuperPower, the only apparent downside of Youhui’s amazing ocular ability is that it’s earned him the tragic nickname of “Cat-Boy.”
We’re not sure how to say “that sucks” in Chinese, but we’re almost positive that’s what Youhui must have been thinking when he was dubbed Cat-Boy.
And then there’s Lewis Gordon Pugh, an Englishman who has made a habit of swimming in the 0 degree celsius waters off the coast of Antarctica. Known as the Ice Man, Pugh has the ability to swim for substantial amounts of time in water so cold, it would assuredly kill a normal man in minutes, if not on contact.
Granted, being able to swim in really cold water and seeing in the dark may not be the most formidable weapons in the fight for Truth, Justice, and The American Way... but even Green Arrow got to be in The Justice League of America, and, well, no offense, but basically he was just a pretty good shot with a bow-and-arrow.
In any event, we’ve assembled a fairly impressive, rag-tag team of misfit Super-Powered beings for your review.
Evil-doers, beware.
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Scientists Warn: Social Networks “Messing With Kids’ Minds;” Prom-Goers: Watch Your Backs

With prom-season just around the corner, we felt compelled to rush this breaking story into circulation.
According to Oxford neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield (seriously - that is her handle), social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo are said to shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification and make young people more self-centered.
(Finally a plausible explanation for the ratings-behemoth that is “American Idol,” and the mind-boggling success and ubiquity of Ryan Seacrest.)
The Baroness fears that “...these technologies are infantilizing the brain into the state of small children who are attracted by buzzing noises and bright lights, who have a small attention span and who live for the moment.”
The ultimate fallout of all this is a generation of anti-social, miscreants running amok - as if the current level of paperboy dedication and the dispassionate level of Starbuck’s Baristas weren’t dodgy enough.
And while this may be ill-timed, we can’t help but point out that The Museum of SuperNatural History now has a members group on the aforementioned mind-numbing Facebook.com.
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Fossilized Mammoth Captivates Hollywood; Coincidentally, Jerry Lewis Wins Academy Award

A nearly intact Wooly Mammoth skeleton has been unearthed at a construction site near the famed La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles, California.
Historically, the tar pits have yielded between 3 and 4 million fossilized remains over the years, but the discovery of the Mammoth remains is being described as one of the most significant finds in more than a century.
Especially exciting, is the fact that both of the Mammoth’s tusks are so astonishingly well-preserved.
Speaking of well-preserved: as mentioned in the headline, legendary funny-man Jerry Lewis was honored at the 2009 Academy Awards Ceremony. Here at the Museum, we’ve always been fascinated by the octogenarian comic-genius’ jet-black hair, and the adulation heaped on him by the French.
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