Dinosaur Depiction Discovered On Dilapidated Cambodian Temple

The Ta Prohm Temple was completed in 1186, and stands in the middle of the remote jungles of Angkor, Cambodia by the Khmer civilization.
A recent expedition to the site revealed a startling discovery: carved into the walls of the temple appears to be the image of a Stegosaurus.
Naturally, the traditional scientific community has already begun to volley rationalizations and excuses for how the depiction of a living, breathing, previously-believed-to-be-extinct-for-more-than-155-million-years dinosaur wound up on the wall of a relatively modern structure.
But we contend that this recent discovery at Ta Prohm is just one more substantial example of art and literature that has often - directly and indirectly - alluded to humans and dinosaurs co-existing in the same eras. Some of the more famous are the Palestrina Mosaic, and the Anasazi Petroglyphs.
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