Popular Snuggie Mutant-Robe Upstaged By Screaming Demon-Baby Blankie

Here at the MuSuNaHi it’s something of an understatement to say “we’ve seen it all...”
Ancient sacred sites, mysterious islands, creepy currency, and cryptids of all shapes and sizes.
And yet we were still profoundly taken aback by the global phenomenon that is the Snuggie - a bizarre, hybrid blanket-with-sleeves domestic-tarp, not to be confused of course, with the Slanket.
In the last few months, this Druid-esque contraption has - with an almost insidious ease and viral momentum - captured the congested hearts and apparently-brain-washed-minds of millions of now cozy, cloaked, confused citizens.
So as not to be outdone, the Museum’s R&D department has quickly and ingeniously churned out the MuSuNaHi Screaming-Demon Baby Blankie.
Designed for the doting parent who knows that their bouncing bundle of kinetic energy is capable of hurling a litany of Latin expletives while simultaneously projectile barfing, this 100% cotton blanket is perfect for swaddling even the most discerning-demon seed - and letting everyone know exactly what they’re dealing with.
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