Classified Outrageous Military Experiments Are Stranger Than Fiction

The interns here at the MuSuNaHi are all thoroughly distracted, what with the opening of the film “Wolverine” - which ushers in the beginning of the so-called “Summer Block-Buster Movie Season.”
HR was quick to point out to these temporary twerps that if they were impressed by a fictitious Black-Ops division of the military lacing a make-believe mutant’s body with a nigh-indestructible comic book-concocted metal dubbed “Adamantium,” they might be interested to learn of the real highly-classified experimental hi-jinx the real military has come up with over the years.
Fortunately, the charming folks over at livescience.com have aggregated the list of “The 10 Most Outrageous Military Experiments Of All Time.”
Some of the paramilitary pageant contestants consist of having “...shot accident victims up with plutonium, tested nerve gas on sailors, and tried out ESP.”
The report goes on to remark: “While some of the tests seem outlandish in hindsight, the military continues to push the envelope in seeking new warfare techniques based on cutting-edge science and technology.”
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